Client reports 50% increase in sales

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High end men’s fashion lookbook, Point of Sale and OOH photo

Nothing makes me happier than to hear reports from my clients of how my photos have increased their profits.  Recently while meeting with one of my clients that I had just finished doing a catalog photo shoot for one of their employees came up to me and said: “I can’t believe how busy we are.  Our sales increased by more than 50% as soon as we started to use your photos.”

The client, a retailer of men’s formal wear had been using low quality photos that had been provided by, believe it or not, the designers and wholesalers.  They decided to hire me to do better work and the results were immediate.

I find it astonishing that I should even have to write this, but the number of fashion designers that I see lately, especially in the Los Angeles Fashion District where there are a number of start up designers, using poor quality photos to sell their fashion designs is staggering… and increasing.

I’ve always said if the images you use to market your work are inferior, people will also think the same lack of attention to quality will be present in the product itself.  And each time I begin to work with a client I find their sales increase significantly due to the attention to detail and quality in the images.

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