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music video

Hallelujah music video. Vocals Cross Johnson, video Mark Stout

See the trailer at the end of post.

A year ago today I received a phone call that changed my life.  In a fantastic way.  I hung up the phone and decided to move to Los Angeles.  The next day someone called wanting to buy my condo, even though it was not on the market.

Two days later the brother of the man I was speaking to on the phone, Cross Johnson, was killed by a hit and run driver doing 120 mph on a city street.  I couldn’t believe the shock wave that rolled through the lives of so many and the strange and bizarre things that started to occur in my own life.  Two weeks later Cross Johnson called me once again.  It was on that call we decided we should do this project.  To honor the life of Sebastien Everidge, to make sense of a terrible wrong, and to help ease the pain of those who were so badly hurt.

From that point on, there was one reason after another why the video could not be completed.  For one, I would get to LA and Cross would be in Denver.  And vice versa.  Strange and bizarre things occurred that Cross and I both witnessed and yet we still find them almost impossible to believe. We do hope to be able to tell the story one day.  To the world.  It is one the world needs to know.

It is almost by pure coincidence that we are finally able to release the trailer for this video on the anniversary of when it all happened.

When released, the full music video, Hallelujah, expresses the injustice that Sebastian fought, and the anger, pain, rage and sadness felt by those who loved him when his life was so abruptly taken.

music video

The “rage” scene from Hallelujah

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