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A young black man retains his pride and determination despite adversity

Quite often when traveling from my studio in Downtown LA I would pass through a part of Los Angeles known as Skid Row. What I would see at times changed my view on the homeless considerably.

I saw people, such as in this image, who had somehow managed to hold on to their pride, dignity and determination despite having fallen on bad times. A man who was sweeping the walk in front of his “home” (tent). And the man who came up too me and asked me not to photograph him. He said he had fallen on bad times, but still had hope he would change that.

It changed me. I went from thinking the homeless were low lifes and drug addicts to realizing that is not always true. Some simply made a mistake, some were squeezed beyond what they could endure in the crush of soaring rents and ever diminishing wages. I do believe that we are responsible for our own conditon, but I also believe that doing so includes being responsible for others too. We should not profit at the expense of others…  we must also consider the impact of our actions on others if we are to survive.

While most drive through skid row with blinders on to the blight, I found a strange sort of beauty in it. I decided it was time to show this to the world. Confronting the problem, rather than pretending it does not exist is the first step to remedying it.

This fine art black and white photo is available for prints through SaatchiArt and other galleries to be listed soon.  Other photos from this series will be made available soon.  I am currently collecting these together into a fine art book.  Stay tuned for updates.

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