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My current website was designed after consulting with a VERY expensive consultant that used to work for one of the major advertising agencies.  She pulled it down to ONE focus, men’s fashion photography, and told me to let the other work I do go by the wayside.

This think is typical of days gone by.  But those days are gone.  In fact not much of anything about the photography industry is the same.  In particular the needs of our clients has changed dramatically.

I have long known I bring more to the table, far more, than most photographers and letting that all drop off my website was a mistake.  I will be upgrading it soon to reflect what I really do for my clients.

First my background.  In addition to over 25 years experience as a commercial photographer with an extensive publication history and more than a few princes, actors, actresses, musicians, fashion designers and corporations in my credits, I have an extensive background in public relations, website development and internet marketing under my belt.

I back up and observe the state of the industry and the needs of my clients often.  One of my most recent observations are two fold.  Clients too frequently have great images created for their brand but they don’t know how to use them effectively to draw the attention they need.  Or they go cheap and start blasting an endless supply of 2 second iPhone “productions” out to Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat and the rest.  This not only fails, it causes them to lose existing clients and fans due to the lack of production values.

Video is also moving into the forefront as a way of telling the story.  We have moved solidly into video production geared toward small to mid sized companies.  

Unlike other photographers and video production companies, we don’t just create the visuals and hand them over to you.  We follow through and work out the full campaign to get you or your brand in front of the world. This can include building a search engine optimized website, social media pages, YouTube Channels and more – all of which are designed from the very beginning to work together in a highly effective manner.  We then put in place all of the pieces of the ongoing marketing strategy and either teach your staff how to run it, or do it for you. In many cases there is something newsworthy and through our established lines with newswire services and public relations companies, we can assist you in getting your story told.

Of course many of our clients have the internet, marketing and public relations aspects well under control.  We certainly have no problem with simply providing you with the best images and video you could desire.  But too often we have seen that the follow through is lacking after we hand over the work to our clients.  And that follow through is what gets your visuals in front of the right audience.

So, we decided to be the company you need today – not the one from 1985 – and step up to the plate to provide you the full service you need.

We will be making updates to our website soon.  Meanwhile watch our blog for info on our projects and case histories.

Contact us to see how we can help you.

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