Neymar Jr Looks Just Like My Best Fashion Model

I was stunned when this picture of Neymar Jr. taken during Paris Fashion Week popped up on my Instagram feed.  It looked just like my favorite fashion model, Chace (aka Cross) Johnson.  

I didn’t notice at first who it said was on the picture.  Chace had just returned from Paris and was planning to drop in on some of the major fashion designers while there, but he ended up taking a girl who has since become his wife and never made it to any of them.  Or so he said. The Instagram photo said it was taken in Paris at the Balmain Runway Show during PFW.

Even though Neymar is considered one of the most famous and expensive football players in the world (when Neymar was moved from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain in a transaction worth €222 million, he became the world’s most expensive player) I had to compare the tattoos to convince myself it wasn’t him.  Then I noticed the @neymarjr in the photo and got it. I posted the photo above on Facebook and even Chace’s mother said they not only look the same, they have the same sense of style.

They say we all have a twin somewhere in the world.  Well I just found my model’s.  While one is a football star and the other a fashion model and singer, the not only look the same, but dress the same and have tattoos in the same spots.  And that Chace, who is from Denver, was in Paris at about the same time the photo of Neymar Jr. was taken just seemed uncanny. 

I thought I would share this with you.

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