An Exciting New Project


I”m so excited to release the first video in my new project called LA Profiles.

This dates back to a project under a different name I started about 10 years ago.  Life pulled me off course and it has taken until now to get back to it.

It’s revival came in part from looking around my life and seeing all the richly talented people – artists, actors, television personalities, musicians, singers, composers, etc etc – that surround me.  Some are quite famous.  Some are equally talented, but lack the fame.  These are the ones I want to highlight for the world.

Their stories are fascinating.  What motivates them, why they chose paths in the creative arts and why they have persisted despite how brutal such careers can be.  

The series that I am doing currently lives on under a section called LA Profiles.  I hope to soon launch a dedicated website and YouTube Channel to it.

The episode below features Aria Veach.  You can read the rich story of Aria’s musical path here.

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