The Matador – Modern Art Print Represented by Saatchi

I’ve commented on this before, but for the most part I have been keeping my art separate from my commercial work.  Going forward, I’m not sure if I will continue to do that.

This is another of my Modern Art Portraits and is a work entitled The Matador. You almost have to study the work for a moment to see the nude form of the Matador, but he is there and quite real.  It was created as a conceptual photograph of how man challenges the environmental conquests for survival and personal satisfaction. 

For those interested in seeing more of my fine art photography, and knowing my exhibit history much of my work is represented by Saatchi, some by AC Gallery in Hollywood and all of it is available directly through me (although in some cases I will direct the sale through the gallery).

Check out SoCal Art Gallery for my personal, fine art work.

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