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Modern Art Portrait

A few posts back, I commented that I had consulted with a very expensive portfolio consultant with a background working in one of the large ad agencies.  It was an expensive mistake.  The thinking was that the art directors at the big ad agencies wanted to see you specialized in only ONE thing.

That isn’t true.  They want to know you have both the technical knowledge and creativity to create the effective image they need.  And today it goes much farther than that. 

There are going to be a lot of changes made on my websites soon, and there will be some construction dust, but for now I will be broadening the scope of the work I post… such as in these photos.

These photos were taken of Aria Veach, a composer, musician I have been working with on several projects.  We had a specific reason for the shoot other than what is seen, but there was all of the abandoned possessions of the homeless nearby and we couldn’t resist getting artistic.

The photos ARE photos.  It is a combination of many techniques both in camera and in post production that gave these images a quality of both being a painting, and a photograph (notice how the subject appears to be stepping out of a painting to become real).

I have two websites devoted to my art and you will be seeing more work like this on both of them.  I am calling the techniques Modern Art Portraits, as in these photos.  And Modern Art Landscapes for another body of work.  The website galleries are SoCal Art Gallery and Private Collection Corporate Art.  I also have a large body of commercial stock photography that I just don’t feel can be well represented by todays garbage dump stock photo agencies and I will be making that work available directly soon.

I hope you all have a great holiday season, and I wish you the best of new years!  Contact me if you would like to commission a modern art portrait for yourself, or to inquire about purchasing prints.


modern art

Modern art portraits

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