Madeline & Rosanne Stuart

madeline stuart
I loved this photo when I took it during Beverly Hill Fashion Week last year because of what it communicates:  It tells the story of a mother’s denotation to her daughter and the determination of the two of them to overcome the impossible and make their dreams come true.

The subjects are Madeline and Rosanne Stuart.  It was taken in the dressing room of Janice Dickinson last year at the Art Hearts Fashion Show in the one slightly un-chaotic place that could be found.  

Madeline has Down’s Syndrome and her mother Rosanne was told she would not live beyond six or seven years old.  When Rosanne took Madeline to a fashion show in 2015, Madeline said she wanted to be a model.  By 2017 when I photographed her, Madeline had gone on to walk runways all over the world, appear in several fashion magazines and represent top fashion brands.

It is one of the most heartwarming and encouraging stories I’ve ever heard and I think this photos shows exactly why it came to be.  The two are an inspiration to me and I thank them for what they have accomplished.  

You can read more about Madeline and Rosanne Stuart in the article I wrote about them on Totally LA.  

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