Advertising Photographer: Retro Couple at a Drive In

sexy retro couple at a drive in movie

I have been involved a project that requires me to cull through a lot of my work.  Doing so I flash back on circumstances surround the work and the industry.

This photo is going up on my blog and back into my portfolio for several reasons.  The first is that I love the photo.

The second reason is to make a point.  This is one of the photos that was culled out of my portfolio after paying thousands of dollars for someone to curate my portfolio by someone that works at one of the major ad agencies.  Looking at the photo, I can’t believe how narrow the vision was of someone that is suppose to be a top professional in terms of images, advertising and marketing!  That curation process was quite a waste of money, but I did learn quite a bit from it. Just not what I was “suppose to learn.”

The other is to point out a bit of what went into making this photo and why I am so over the crap being run on photographers these days.  You know, the fashion designers that have asked me to come out and talk with them that then tell me that he wanted better models, styling, makeup, composition and lighting than he was currently getting and that he would not pay more than $5.00 per photo!  This is for fashion photos!  In that instant I knew why there is so much pressure in the US to outlaw guns!  Or the stock photo agencies that have cut royalties to photographers to less than 25 cents per image… and the clients of these agencies that bitch because photos are “so expensive.”

They can all take a hike.

This photo was shot at 2:00 in the afternoon.  We overpowered the sun with battery powered studio strobes to give it the moody, drive in theatre, night light feeling.  Of course we had to scout the right models, tend to hair, makeup and wardrobe.  Then there was the matter of locating and paying to use the old 52 Ford.  It’s actually part of a series of photos surrounding the retro theme and the old 52 Ford and we spent the better part of the day shooting it.  And we aren’t done yet. This is followed with meticulous post production work to make every tiny detail in the photo perfect.

To the handful of people out there that have been leading on the bandwagon that photographers should not be fairly paid for this work (and that would push down to everyone on the crew as well), I created a special fine art photo dedicated to them.  It’s currently listed on Saatchi Art.  I may post it here soon!

The value of great photography can’t be underestimated.  In the commercial world, it is what drives the sales of those who hire us.  Without it, there would be no sales.  Think about that the next time someone asks you to do a shoot for five dollars!

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