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Back when I worked with a consultant to curate my portfolio, my CGI work and blended images were removed.  Yet conceptual images using image blending and CGI techniques bring entirely new dimension to a photo that is utterly essential in some uses.

Using these techniques, there is almost nothing that isn’t possible to communicate in an image.  It can range from subtle effects to add a blur or reflection in just the right place to make the image pop more to creating entirely fictional worlds.

In the photo above, we wanted the concept of someone caught up in a game and we accomplished it by blending in a chess board background.

I have added a gallery of CGI Photography and Blended Images.  It will be expanding as I come across more of the work I did in this manner and create new CGI works.  Check it out and if you have a concept you want us to bring to life for you, be sure to contact us!

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