Case Study: Artist Biography

We began working with Santa Monica artist, Gwen Samuels, to do a short biography for the Los Angeles publication, Totally LA.  

Artist profile

Artist Gwen Samuels in her studio at the Santa Monica Art Studios.

When Gwen saw the finished work, she told us how much better she liked it than a previous video she had done by another company.  She said she liked how we told the story of her journey as an artist and showed the process behind how she creates her one of a kind art.

Gwen said that she has different art representatives for each of her two main types of work: three dimensional artwork and flat artwork.  Because she liked what we did for Totally LA so well, she asked us to do two additional videos.  One for each type of work so she could give the appropriate one to each of her representatives for them to use to market her. 

We used the same footage we originally shot for Totally LA and broke it down into separate areas of focus.  In the end, we ended up with three videos.  The full length video which was published on Totally LA and the two shorter ones.  The full length video contains the elements of both of the shorter ones, plus additional footage where Gwen discusses things aspiring artists struggle with and how she resolved them.  There is some overlap in each of the videos, but since each video is presented to an entirely different audience this is not an issue.

This is the video we did for Gwen featuring the process behind her three dimensional artwork:

This video features Gwen’s flat artwork and the process behind it:

By separating her audiences, Gwen has ended up with marketing videos that will align exactly with her different clients and be far more effective.

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