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For the longest time my tagline has been “Because it isn’t ‘just a picture'”.  I say that because I believe it, not because they are pretty words. If I didn’t believe it was much more than that I wouldn’t do what I’m doing for a living.

I elaborated on it in in my Artist’s Statement:

I believe that it isn’t “just a picture.” A form of communication more powerful than the word, it’s the aesthetic that captivates; the passion that fuels; the vision that transports; the mood that seduces; and the emotion that compels.

It’s the world as you desire it, the illusion you seek to make reality.

It is my passion to create it for you…

sexy men's fashionI’m bringing this point back up for a reason.  During the decades (yes decades) I have been saying that, I’ve noticed a sharp decline in the quality of images presented to the world for advertising and marketing.  Particularly in the last decade.

Much of this seems to stem from social media where the misguided push is to get something new up every day.  Where I believe that it isn’t “just a picture,” that it has to be effective in creating desire for your product, social media marketers, publications and sometimes major advertising campaigns brush that all aside for the sake of speed and economy.  We’ve all heard the “it’s just for social media” excuse before.

Those that have fallen for the speed trap might as well have stayed home. 

Today’s social media and other communication channels are so clogged that little even gets noticed anymore.  Nothing short of the most spectacular images will get noticed.  And if a hastily done cheap image does get noticed, it will create the impact of making your brand look equally cheap!

After about a decade of the social media craze it’s become clear it didn’t really change the game.  It appeared to, but the truth is that only well thought out, perfectly executed campaigns and imagery get noticed and land you business.

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  1. La Vie le Gage Coutu August 3, 2018 at 1:16 pm #

    I enjoy so much reading quality material on a subject dear to my heart’s passion. Mark, you nailed this issue so well. No malice, just accurate information on marketing. Clogged is a great descriptive term for what has been happening. I’m no expert, but I know I have an eye for a great image.
    I agree with you Mark, only spectacular images do get noticed and you have the talent and skill to produce spectacular images. Well thought out images get the message translated and will always bring in clients.
    Your work is art.
    I love your articles,
    Joyce Goeppinger

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