Images That Move You

This is a technique I have used from time to time and I thought I should post an example.  Unfortunately, this blog won’t allow auto-play on videos, so you can’t see it the way it appears in social media feeds.

The idea is that as social media feeds become increasingly clogged with junk, users tend to scroll through faster and see less.  When an image that appears to be still suddenly comes to life it catches the viewers attention long enough to get him or her to pause and actually LOOK at the image.  Since video on social media auto-plays (it is only to get sound that you have to click it) the use of motion is highly effective.  Subtle motion that is.  

This is also highly effective in campaigns where electronic kiosks/displays in shopping malls, airports, and other high traffic areas where people are rushing by.  The unexpected motion catches their attention as they are rushing by and cause them to pause and actually LOOK.

Isn’t that the game here?  If we can’t get someone to stop for a moment and look, we will never get our message across, will we?

We shot this in the LA Fashion District right before LA Fashion Week was getting ready to kick off at the MacArthur… and we all had to be there for the events.  So we were a bit rushed…

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