Event Videography: Our Coverage of the Hollywood Christmas Parade

This is the video that we produced for Totally-LA.com of the Hollywood Christmas Parade.

Of course it was packed down on the Hollywood Walk of Fame so we had to shoot this handheld… a long time to hold a video camera steady.  It helps that we use professional video cameras for our videography and not DSLRs.  I’ve always been a firm believer in using the right tool for the job.  DSLRs are great for still photos.  That is what they were made for.  But they are lacking when it comes to producing video for more reasons than I can cover in this post.

As an added benefit to my clients, I’m now frequently able to help distribute the content we produce for you through media partners including Totally-LA.com which is the fastest growing Los Angeles publication on the internet.   Be sure to ask us about this perk.

LA event photographer


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