Video has become an essential part of any marketing or advertising campaign in addition to the still photos used.  We have been a bit slow to get our video content up but we are working on it.  Some examples of our video work and case studies are below.  

LA VideographerAdvertising Video: This is another video we produced for Indie Source.  The video visually shows the entire process a fashion designer’s design will go through to reach the market while discussing the company’s strong points and philosophy.


Content Marketing Videos: A video we produced for Indie Source, a concept to market fashion manufacturing company working with fashion designers in Los Angeles.  Read the study on why high quality content marketing is so effective.


explainer videosExplainer and Intro Videos: A video we produced for Venice Street Art Tours so show what the tour is like and what it covers. This type of video is extremely useful for “closing the deal” on websites


travel videoTravel & Tourism Video Production: Venice Beach Travel Guide produced for shows how we put together an effective video and still photo package that helped them drive website traffic.


video productionCase Study: Marketing Videos done for Santa Monica Artist Gwen Samuels to help her add value to her work by showing the process behind her art.



concert videoLive Event Videography: Videos of Live Events including concerts, Fashion Week runway shows and high profile events.



Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert dancing at Urban LightDance Video: Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert dancing at the Urban Light sculpture at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.



dance videoDance Video:Manhattan Beach Shuffle Dance” was shot with professional dancer Victor Tang from the Madonna Tour on the Manhattan Beach Pier.


fashion photographerFashion Video: The Day We Met is a fashionably romantic video taped for Totally LA to coincide with Los Angeles Fashion Week.  



fashion videoStreet Fashion Video: Lovin’ the City a fun loving romantic fashion video about a couple in MacArthur Park on a beautiful day.



fashion videographerFashion Interview: Interview With A Fashion Model Moderator Zeus Lee interviews high fashion model Diana Cole after she walked the runway for both New York Fashion Week and Los Angeles Fashion Wee.