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Portrait of NPC West Coast Overall Winner

Portrait of NPC West Coast Overall Winner

Men's fitness photographer

Portrait of Joseph Lee Emerson, NPC West Coast Overall Winner 2016. Copyright Mark Stout

It was quite an honor when Joseph Lee Emerson contacted me directly after placing as the Overall Winner in the NPC West Coast Finals for 2016 to commission me for a physique portrait session.

After having worked with an industry consultant and re-designing my web site, my fitness work was pushed down below the fashion photography which has clearly taken center stage.  But I spent several years shooting for the top national health and fitness magazines and have been referred to as one of the world’s top fitness photographers.

Perhaps it is time for me to bring more of my fitness work to the center stage again.  That said, I do believe you have to take the advice of photography consultants, no matter how highly placed they are, with a grain of salt.  No one knows your business like you do.

Back to the point at hand here.  It was quite the honor to have been selected by the NPC Champion for this shoot.  I think you can see from this photo that there is no question as to why he won.  He is also a great, down to earth guy.  I’ll be posting more of my work with him soon.

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