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Fine Art Photography Represented in Two Galleries

Fine Art Photography Represented in Two Galleries

fine art seascape, limited edition

On the day I took this photo, the lighting conditions and atmospheric conditions were far from what a photographer would consider “good light.”  Particularly when looking over the Long Beach and LA Harbors.  But there was some magical quality to it that I sensed if I threw away my concept of good light and the photos I had in my mind to take for the day I would get something magical.

And I did.

The dirty fog became a soft haze and the clouds took on a delicate lace like quality.  I waited an the boat and the bird came into the shot and I took it. It is as if at times the elements of the universe itself come together at the beck and call of the photographer to give him what he commands.

The Small Boat is now represented by Saatchi and by SoCal Art Gallery.  It isn’t a statement of how small the boat is in relation to the universe.  It is a statement of how the boat is the center of a universe that extends for infinity from that point and why it is important to keep your relationship with the universe in its correct perspective.

Contact me for information on purchasing prints.  It is a limited edition of 30 at 40 x 50 inches.

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