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Kelly LeBrock: The Woman in Red

Kelly LeBrock: The Woman in Red


Supermodel, actress Kelly LeBrock. Still the most beautiful woman in Hollywood.

I don’t think people that don’t actually work in our industry have any idea how hard we work.  Yesterday was a 22 hour day.  First it was shooting the 4th day of the Art Hearts Fashion.  And when the shooting was done and everyone was headed home, I went back to the studio for the “night shift” of post production work editing the photos and uploading them all to the various media outlets that needed them by morning.  And so did my other photographer friends that were there.

The same holds true for all creatives.  The actors and actresses we all think have it so easy put in the same kind of days on the set.  As does the rest of the crew.  

But it isn’t without it’s perks… with the biggest perk being the people I get to meet and work with.  The photo above is of Kelly LeBrock.  It is totally un-retouched.  A top supermodel from the Eighties, she is perhaps best known for her time as a spokesperson for Pantene and the slogan “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” and the 1984 movie with Gene Wilder, The Woman in Red.  She was considered to be the most beautiful woman in Hollywood.

And she still is.

She was also remarkably gracious, friendly and attitude free.  And total pro.

LeBrock was at the Art Hearts Fashion show for two reasons.  The one I’m sure was most important to her was to watch her daughter Larissa walk the runway for fashion designer Melissa Mercedes who is also a fashion model.  The second was to be acknowledged for her remarkable career on stage when the celebrated pop artist Sham Ibrahim presented her a portrait on behalf of Art Hearts Fashion and everyone who loves her.

It’s people like this that make our industry such a wonderful thing to be part of.

Note: These images are copyrighted, as is all of my work.  It you want to use it please contact me to license it legally. That is how we earn our livings.

Kelly LeBrock

Supermodel Kelly LeBrock is awarded a portrait by celebrated pop artist Sham Ibrahim in recognition of her stellar career at Art Hearts Fashion

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