CGI Photography

la photographer

I had a funny thought about how differently Photoshop is used when getting ready to post this image.  So often I hear “we can fix it in Photoshop.”  It is a phrase that makes any pro photographer cringe.

No, we can’t fix it in Photoshop.  There is no excuse for not shooting it right in the first place.  But Photoshop and the other Adobe imaging tools open up a whole new world for creators.  With CGI we can create worlds that otherwise couldn’t exist.  We can take whatever is in the imagination and bring it to life… as least in picture form.

In the photo above, by blending images of the model shot in a studio, the computer also shot in a studio and a street scene we were able to create the illusion of the spy stepping out of the computer and into the real world.  

Contact us to see how we can use CGI to capture the imagination of your prospective clients and get them thinking with your brand.

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