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Day at the Beach Lifestyle Photo Shoot

Day at the Beach Lifestyle Photo Shoot

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I’m so thrilled with this shoot.  I may end up putting up a full gallery with selects from just this shoot soon but here are a couple samples.

The theme of the shoot was A Day at the Beach and we shot it out on Venice Beach as a lifestyle shoot.  I selected Zeus Ley as the model and he outperformed my expectations.  Every shot was 100% authentic, natural, believable and filled with life

We put in a long day and were having so much fun on the shoot that we didn’t feel like we were working… until the next day when I was so stiff and sore that I could hardly move!  Oh well, no pain, no gain… right?

So far we have pulled 70 top quality “selects” from this shoot with many more to go.  The client has ended up with far more than he could have hoped for.

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