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CGI Fine Art Photography

Some CGI photography work.  This was personal work, not something done for a client.  

I do quite a bit of personal work.  It’s what keeps the creative battery charged and it’s a large part of the reason my clients hire me.  Anyone can push a button but that seldom results in good photos.

It’s something I realized a long time ago.  Another photographer can try to emulate the work seen in a famous shot and is never able to re-create it.  All the technical and mechanical details are the same but the result never is.  It took me a while and then I realized just what made the photos stand out…

…it’s as if the photographer actually imparts a bit of himself into the image.

The personal creativity, that piece of ourselves is what can never be imitated.

The work above is a combination of images from three different shoots.  I don’t think I could have ever really planned it.  I was going through images for something else and the concept came to my mind.  I searched through my personal work and found the work that would fit my concept.  It tells a story.  A story of the best kind… the kind of story where the viewer is inspired to write it himself.

Contact me if you have a vision you would like me to turn into a reality.

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