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This is from a shoot I did with personal trainer Brandon Schlaegel.

Brandon will be competing in a pro bodybuilding competition in March and he wanted to get some good professional photos prior to the completion, and again when he is in peak shape immediately after it.

I was a little surprised, and flattered, at first to learn he drove all the way from San Jose to LA for the shoot and stayed at a hotel near our location.  He felt my work stood out enough to be worth it. But then I remembered too how often that has happened.  I’ve had clients fly in from Miami, NYC, Chicago, Dubai and even Paris to work with me.  It’s an honor and I always give them 150%.

We planned the shoot around Venice because we had so much to work with for a location that is perfect for someone like Brandon.  The artsy shops and boardwalk gave us lifestyle photos.  The recreation area, and in particular Muscle Beach gave us some truly classic photos (we had to really sweet talk the authorities to let us do this) and the beach gave us stunning physique shots.  The hero shots are in the beach photos and I’ll post some of them later.

Oh, and I turned this one into a black and white due to the history of Muscle Beach. When Arnold and the bodybuilding champs that ignited the bodybuilding craze were working out there, black and white was the only option in photos.  I think outputting the photo as a black and white gives it a much more classic feel.

Enjoy.  Contact me to book your fitness shoot.

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