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LA Music Photographer

LA Music Photographer

What is little known about my work is that I entered the world of photography as a music photographer and spent over a decade working with recording artists.

As I moved into more commercial work, various portfolio consultants I worked with advised me to pare down my portfolio to a very limited area.  They felt art directors were so limited that they would not believe someone that shot music could also shoot fashion or other commercial shoots.

Nothing is farther from the truth.  My decade working with musicians both for promotional shoots and their live performances taught me more about lighting and pulling the emotion out of the shot than any amount of classes I have taken or could take.

I fell away from it as the musicians began to rely on the iPhone photos and videos their fans posted to social media.  However, I have since realized that recording artists who are smart about their marketing realize the photos and videos of them and their performances need to be of a quality as good as their music.  Live performance photography in particular needs a pro.  While stage lighting is beautiful, it is also very harsh and more often than not it’s in the wrong place in relation to the performer.  Through a decade of working in the field I learned a number of tricks and techniques in both the shooting and the post production to be able to create photos that don’t just show cool lighting, but are flattering to the performer!  

The video above was of the successful group, 8mm, that has licensed over 80% of their work for use in motion picture and television soundtracks.  I was commissioned to produce the video for  We confined the video to just snippets of several songs from their EP release so fans would need to actually go to 8mm to buy the music rather than simply play the video.  You can read the review of their show here.  

Be sure to contact me if you would like to arrange for professional photography/ videography of one of your important concerts.

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