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A Photographic Journey

A Photographic Journey

fine art photography

I’ve decided to start a new blog on my site that takes a bit of a different tact.  One where honesty rules.

We live in this world of fake perfection fueled by Instagram, Facebook and other social media outlets.  It’s the land where bought likes and bad photos rule. It’s an upside down world where view counts and likes take precedence over beauty, quality and originality. 

Originality is hard to find, yet that is really the only thing a creative professional has.  We put a piece of ourselves in everything we create.  Where it does exist, it gets buried under millions of copycat photos and worthless selfies.

I need an escape from that world, hence this new blog.  The photos in this blog will center more around my landscapes, fine art and personal work.  I’ll talk about the photos, but not the gear, F-Stops, shutter speeds, ISO etc.  The technicalities became such second nature to me long ago that I don’t even think about it anymore.  I just do it.  It’s about the photos, not the mechanics that went into making them.

About the photo:  We never intended to do a photoshoot the day this image was taken.  The model in the photo had become a good friend of mine and he was out in LA.  I picked him up at the airport.  As we were driving along the beach he asked to stop for 10 minutes to just go out a look at the sea.  

Of course I brought the camera along, mounting it with a good telephoto lens first.  Soon we were doing what came naturally to us.  Taking pictures.  Everything else was forgotten and we moved deeper and deeper into the ocean.  10 minutes became several hours.  As we waded back up to the beach we found an older man had been watching us intently most of the time.  He approached us and said he could tell by watching us work that we were pros.  In how we intuitively worked together when it wasn’t possible to communicate over the noise of the rough ocean, how we worked the light etc… and he said he wanted to publish the photos in his fine art magazine.  

Fast forward a month and we had an 8 page spread in Fotographia magazine.  It cost me an iPhone, a pair of shoes and some camera repairs…  like I said, we weren’t planning to go into the water.  We just got into the zone and kept creating.

This photo is available for fine art prints and rights managed commercial and editorial uses.  It can be printed at very large sizes.  Contact me to inquire.  Include the link to this blog post along with how you intend to use the image.  No use of the photo is permitted without written permission.  It’s not only that law, it’s good manners!

Thank you for stopping by!

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