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Rare Photos of a Common Attraction

Rare Photos of a Common Attraction

fine art photography

These beautiful photos of the Santa Monica Pier were were taken while I was out that way working on a video for a client.

I allude to them being rare.  What’s up with that you might ask.  The rare quality is the clarity of the day.  Years of shooting in Los Angeles has left me frustrated trying to get good clear shots.  Either a blanket of light fog, or a blanket of not so light smog defeats it.  I’ve learned there are certain times of year when the odds are better and also to be ready when that rare clear day presents itself.

I was tired after lugging gear and shooting all day, but I could see the atmospheric conditions were perfect. I detoured out to the pier and fought to find parking to get what I thought would be some great shots.

They were and it was worth it.  Sometimes it doesn’t and you try again.

These photos are available for licensing for editorial and art uses.  Contact me for more information.

santa monica pier

Fine art photo of the Santa Monica Pier on a clear day

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