A Project from Inception to Completion

LA videographer

Patrons watching the video we created for Gwen at Laemmle Theatre.

In a world where loyalty and long term business relationships seems to be considered “old fashioned,” I find that long term relationships with my clients are more productive than ever for all concerned.

I find the more I work with a client, the better I understand all aspects of their business.  I learn more effective ways to help them achieve their marketing goals.  We become able to function better as a team that fully understands the needs and capabilities of each other and how to bring about better results… instead of functioning as isolated entities that are each in it only for ourselves.

We hooked up with Santa Monica artist, Gwen Samuels, doing a video project for Totally-LA.com.  Gwen is one of the most prominent artists in the Southern California art scene due both the the totally unique nature of her work, and her intelligent marketing choices.

Later Gwen contacted us requesting we create two videos, one for each type of work that she created.  We did so and also created some environmental portraits for Gwen at the same time.  She sent the videos and portraits to her representatives to help market her work.

Later, Gwen was included in a group art show at Laemmle Theatre in Santa Monica.  The show was entitled The Local Seen and the work of three artists was featured throughout the Theatre areas.  The artists were each given the opportunity to have a 90 second trailer appear before each film and they recommended a videographer to do it.

Gwen chose us instead.  We had Gwen write the script of what she wanted to say about herself and her work.  We then rewrote it for her to make it tell her story in a more enticing manner (it’s so hard to talk about ourselves!).  After we had the script in place we set up a video shoot in her home and studio capturing footage of her environment, her work, her working on her artwork, each planned to sync with the narrative.  And of course we videoed the narrative itself.

Once we had Gwen’s approval on the edited footage, we began working with the art director at Laemmle Theatre to ensure all points were according to the Theatre’s exact specifications.

Last night we attended the opening of the art show and we took a few shots of the art, the people at the reception and people enjoying the video clip we did promoting Gwen and her work on a monitor in the main reception area (note that the clip is also playing on the theatre screen before and after the movies as well).

The two earlier videos we did for Gwen follow the gallery of photos from the Laemmle Theatre opening.

portrait photographer

One of the environmental portraits we took of Gwen working in her studio

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