Beautiful Sunset at the Ocean City Boardwalk

LA Photographer

On assignment in Atlantic City I was able to take some time after the shoot to drive down to Ocean City and stroll along the boardwalk.  Taking pictures along the way of course.

I was quite surprised to see just how different the eastern and western coasts are.

After shooting on the job all day, it was dusk when I reached the boardwalk and the light left a lot to be desired.  I didn’t think I would get much in terms of pictures.

I was also quite tired after working all day, but I walked the full length of the boardwalk.  Then the dreary light gave way to this beautiful sunset and I took these shots.  Seems it always works that way.  I thought I would share them with you.

Contact me if you would like to license the images or buy prints.  

The famous Ocean City Boardwalk during a colorful sunset

A beautiful sunset is the backdrop behind amusement park rides at the Ocean City Boardwalk

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