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Music Photographer: Photographing the Nelson’s

Music Photographer: Photographing the Nelson’s

I was digging through old photos to find one I needed and stumbled on some of my music photos from a decade ago.

This one is of The Nelsons.  I photographed their show in Blackhawk Colorado.  I remember the night well.  I was set to photograph it, then told it was off.  Then at the last minute I was told they wanted me photographing the show after all.

Talk about a wild drive from Denver up the canyon roads to Blackhawk in the mountains but I made it in time and thoroughly enjoyed photographing the Nelson Brothers.

For anyone that might not be aware of them, Matthew and Gunnar Nelson are twin sons of Ricky Nelson.  Of course they were involved in music from an early age and they reached success in 1990 with the double platinum album After the Rain.

They are also part of the only family to have number one records in three successive generations beginning with Grandparents Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, followed by Ricky and finally themselves.

I found them to be among the nicest and open to their fans musicians that I have ever photographed.

I hope you enjoy the shots from that night. Looking at the photos so much later, I do wish that digital cameras had been up to the level my current gear is.  Pro cameras have come so far in their capabilities, particularly in low light situations.

A shamless self promotion plug to end off.  Musicians, please don’t underestimate the value of having professional photography and videography of your shows and your promotional photography for your press kit.  Contact me for more information.

Matthew Nelson performing in Blackhawk Colorado

Gunnar Nelson on stage

Gunnar Nelson performing in Blackhawk Colorado


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