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Music Photography: John Oates

Music Photography: John Oates

As long as I’m on music memory lane, I’ll post these photos I found of John Oates while I’m at it.

John Oates is best known for his years with Hall and Oates, one of the hottest bands of the day.  But when I caught up with him he had just broken loose with his solo album.

It was an honor to have been selected to photograph his show when his tour took him through Denver, where I was based at the time.

With all the music memory lane posts I have made, I should mention my music photography and music videography isn’t past tense.  I’m still photographing recording artists both on stage and in the studio.  Check out my recent photos and video of the legendary band, 8mm that were taken just a short while back.

John Oates performing live at the Oriental Theatre in Denver Colorado

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