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Sport Fishing Boat in the Marina

Sport Fishing Boat in the Marina

fine art photography

This is another of my favorites from the harbor fine art photography series.  The sailboats in the marina perfectly accent the commercial sport fishing boat and it’s a remarkably clear day. As I mentioned in a couple of the other posts in this collection, it took many trips out to Marina del Rey to find a day so clear.  Clear, smog free days are rare in Los Angeles!

This fine art seascape is an open edition available as a print or digital file.  It’s perfect for wall art in healthcare facilities, restaurants and lobbies where a coastal them to the decor is desired.

The original high resolution file is 20 inches wide at 300 dpi.  Depending on how closely it will be viewed, it can be printed in sizes up to about 40 inches wide.  

Contact me for information on pricing and with any questions about the artwork.  Please include your intended use of the photo and a link to this post so I can rapidly reference the work.

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