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Content Marketing Videos

Content Marketing Videos

One of the most effective methods of advertising your business is content marketing.  Content marketing tends to be informational in nature.  It can be a DIY video of how to do something yourself, an entertaining video where your brand is featured prominently throughout the video, or videos showing how your company takes care of your clients.

The video in this post was created for Indie Source.  Indie Source is a unique fashion manufacturing company that has taken a highly fragmented industry and brought all the steps involved in taking a fashion design from concept to market under one roof.  They also lead in the movement to work local, buy local.  All of the materials and labor involved in the fashion design and manufacturing process is locally produced in Los Angeles.

In this video we illustrated the process of how pattern making in the fashion industry is done.  It’s an interesting and informative video that reaches out across various media channels to their target demographic.  Search engines also favor websites that routinely publish fresh content, so content marketing also helps overall search engine optimization of your website. 

Unfortunately, this has led many companies to push out low quality content in the effort to have fresh content constantly going up.  This can do more harm than good.  Poor quality content isn’t watched or shared.  Videos where viewers leave after the first minute or two are pushed to the bottom of search results.  And poor quality videos that are watched serve only to convince the viewer that the quality of the products you produce won’t be any better than the video you market them with!

A company that has successfully used content marketing for many years is Barilla.  They also serve as an example of just how much better professionally produced videos perform.  Over the years they produced a number of good videos that tended to get between 10,000 and 100,000 views per video.  Then they went all out with an over the top video production called The Party using a large cast, elaborate locations and top production values.  This video gained them 44 million views in 7 months on YouTube.

The cost of such a production is out of reach for most but somewhere between the shaky, pointless iPhone video shot just to have something to put up and the megabucks production will be the point where the quality and budget meet what you need to effectively market your brand.

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