Fashion Videographer: Why Quality Matters

Whenever I work a public event like Los Angeles Fashion Week, by the time I get back from the show to download my footage and start editing, the social media channels are clogged with video clips of the event.

Bad videos.  Really bad videos.

There is a lot to be said for speed, but when that speed comes at the cost of making what you worked for so hard look bad, it’s counter productive.  It defeats the purpose of spending thousands on producing a high end fashion runway show to have the photos and videos that show the world your work be shaky, out of focus videos with bad color and exposure.  

Think about it.  Isn’t it worth spending a bit of money to have your fashion show videoed by a professional that will use pro level gear and professionally edit and color correct your videos?  It’s a reflection of your brand and in an insanely competitive industry, that’s all any of us have going for us.

It’s also the way to stand above the crowd.

In a world where everyone with an iPhone is a photographer, videographer, fashion blogger it’s not possible to stop bad photos and videos of your work from appearing online.  But you can and should make sure that what you have on your own website, social media channels, and other marketing outreach is professional work.

The video above is just a short clip for social media.  The full Los Angeles Fashion Week runway show of the new Mordida Collection by Adolfo Sanchez will be posted soon.


Fashion model Ava Capra walking the runway for LA fashion designer Adolfo Sanchez

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