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Fashion Campaign Video Production

Fashion Campaign Video Production

With fashion week (month really) a wrap, I’m finding I’m still cranking out fashion projects at full speed.

This is a fashion campaign video I just shot out in Venice Beach.  While I was working on the post production I found myself thinking about a behind the scenes video I saw of a McDonald’s commercial being made.  It was an elaborate set up, very elaborate.  Hundreds of cups of coffee, splashes, etc.  One of the guys on the crew commented “All of this for 60 seconds!”

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This fashion video is just over 60 seconds, yet it took about five days to make it and then some.  Two days of filming and three days in post production.  It struck me that the shorter the video has to be, the longer the post production seems to take.  But I think the final product here was worth it.

The model in this video is Charles McKay.  For more info on fashion videos, contact me.

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