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Destination Video Production

Destination Video Production

Destination marketing videos are the most effective advertising tool for the entire tourism, travel and hospitality industry. Video is a powerful visual and audible story telling medium that helps you build excitement about your brand.

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In the case of travel marketing videos, this goes far beyond the Chamber of Commerce or Travel and Tourism Bureau for a resort creating a travel video to increase overall tourism to the resort. Destination videos are a powerful marketing tool for any sector of the travel, tourism and hospitality industries.

Expedia, the online booking service for airline reservations, hotels and rental cars provides a great example of this. Expedia doesn’t settle for just distributing banner ads across the internet telling viewers to book through them, they also work to increase demand for travel itself.

Expedia has created a vast number of branded travel videos and guides featuring top travel destinations around the world such as Los Angeles, NYC, Rio and more. On YouTube their videos all range into the millions of views creating more reach for their services.

Resort hotels can benefit tremendously by creating branded destination videos that show visitors the reasons why they want to experience the destination and the hotel both. Millennials travel more than any previous generation. They search first for where to travel, not specific hotels to stay in. By creating branded travel videos for your destination, your property is put at top of mind.

Branded travel videos also promote direct booking through the hotel’s website which translates to both increased stays and dramatically increased profits (due to not having the travel services take large cuts off the top).

Shopping malls, restaurants, harbor cruises, tour bus companies and more in resort destinations can likewise benefit.

Destination marketing also includes the use of still photos and published branded travel guides for your area.  Again we see companies such as Expedia, the major airlines, hotels and more making effective use of travel guides.  As we are creating your destination video, we are able to capture breathtaking, inspiring still photos to complete your marketing package. (examples below)

Contact us for more information on how we can create destination videos for you to generate more business.  We are based in Los Angeles and particularly knowledgeable of the Los Angeles tourist attractions and neighborhoods, but we are available to produce destination videos worldwide.

travel video

A model enjoying the ocean off the coast of Los Angeles

ocean city

Ocean City New Jersey Boardwalk during a colorful sunset


Tourists enjoying the world famous Santa Monica Pier during a high sea.

travel photography

Photography of one of the commercial fishing excursion boats at Marina del Rey in Southern California


The most iconic view of the historic Los Angeles City Hall.


The Strand Bike Path between Venice Beach and the Santa Monica Pier.

travel marketing

Waves crashing to a rocky shore at Point Magu north of Los Angeles

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