A Common Sign During The Black Lives Matter Protests

As I’ve actually been in the protests, I’ve seen store owners hurriedly putting up Black Lives Matter signs in their store windows while rioting occurred close to their stores. I’ve also seen the signs very frequently in store windows as I go to areas that have been looted.

In the photo above, the store was busy putting up a second Black Lives Matter sign in their other window as the protest moved down the street in the Fairfax district.  It had become violent and smoke from burning police cars was hanging thick in the air when I shot the photo.  When I came through the district a few days later, this was one of the few shops on the street that hadn’t been vandalized.  

Also, these photos are available for licensing as stock photos.  I have filled an entire hard drive with stock photos and footage of these two events playing out in Los Angeles  Contact me for more information if you need visuals.

Note:  I’ve also added a stock photo section to the site where you can license the images with immediate download.  I’m still adding photos as fast as I can but I have a growing Black Lives Matter stock photo collection you can browse and license.

Long Beach, CA/USA – June 6, 2020: A business in the area of looting during the Black Lives Matter protests in Long Beach has signs in the windows reading Black Owned Business


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