National Guard in Hollywood After Black Lives Matters Protests

Hollywood, CA/USA – June 3, 2020: A California National Guard officer stationed at Hollywood and Vine during Black Lives Matter protests signals the crowd with a peace sign

During COVID-19 there were rumblings of bringing in the National Guard to enforce the quarantine order. I found that very disturbing.  I also found the quarantine order quite disturbing as well.  The reasons for this will become apparent when I get time to start posting the photos from it.

The California National Guard showed up after days of Black Lives Matters protests around Los Angeles that turned violent and resulted in massive destruction of property and looting.  I found it spooky to walk out on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with my camera to be surrounded by dozens of heavily armed men.  Heck, I generally get harassed by various security any time I start shooting in public!

I was astonished to see how friendly these men were and the lengths they would go to in keeping the peace.  I watched people provoke them and how they used good communication, not force or authority, to resolve it.  I saw them helping a homeless man and an old woman.  And when the protesters showed up again, they stayed back and gave them the space to make themselves heard.

It stayed peaceful.

More photos from that day are below.  I’ll post more as I can.  They are available for licensing as editorial stock photos in our Black Lives Matter Stock Photo collection.  Immediate downloads.  I also have 6k stock footage of the National Guard on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, in the Los Angeles Fairfax District, on Rodeo Drive and in Long Beach.  Some sample clips are in the 4k video below.  Contact me for info on what I have available and info on licensing.  


Hollywood, CA/USA – June 3, 2020: National Guard troops stand by on the Hollywood Walk of Fame during the Black Lives Matter protests

Hollywood, CA/USA – June 3, 2020: The California National Guard stationed at Hollywood and Vine during the third day of Black Lives Matter protests at the famous intersection

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