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Over the last decade or so the stock photo agencies have become increasingly unfair to the professional photographers that produce the work they depend on.  At the same time they have thrown their doors open wide to anyone with a smartphone camera and actively recruit inexperienced amateur photographers that produce low quality work.

This has resulted in stock photo libraries with hundreds of millions of images that have collected together into massive garbage dumps.  Buyers are complaining about the difficulty involved in finding an image with any quality.  The bad business practices have harmed the industry across the boards and they have become so bad that good photographers have been deleting their portfolios from one of the agencies in droves.  The agency has lost over 2 million images in a week’s time.

I’ve tried unsuccessfully on a couple of occasions to build a stock photo section on my site.  On this last attempt I have it working quite well.  The search function doesn’t work quite as well as I would like, but you can call up exactly what you want by trying to use key phrases and if that fails to bring up the images you are looking for, try separating the word in the phrase with commas and you will get a different set of results.

I think the easiest way to see what is available is to go to the Stock Photo Collections page.  Here I have collected stock photos together by subject to make it easier to find what you want.  Currently I have stock photo collections for People Stock Photos, Black Lives Matter Stock Photos, Coronavirus Stock Photos, and Los Angeles Landmark Stock Photos.  There is also a smaller Old Towne Philadelphia collection that has photos of our patriotic landmarks, including the Liberty Bell in time for Independence Day. There is also the main stock photos page where images appear by most recently added that you can search.

I’m still working on populating the stock photo library.  When it is complete it will have over 20,000 images and video clips. 

The images are priced competitively with the single image license price of the major stock photo agencies  The collections are tightly curated and you get immediate downloads.  Check it out and be sure to sign up for our email list to keep up to date on when we add new image collections.


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