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Artistic High Fashion Stock Photos

Artistic High Fashion Stock Photos

I’ve been working to take work that I have never allowed the stock photo agencies to have and get it up on my own website for licensing.  The fashion stock photos that I’ve set aside as exclusive are marked that way.

There are numerous advantages to licensing stock photos that are exclusive.  The primary one for you is you don’t have to worry that the image you are using in your advertising campaign is going to be popping up on cheesy websites which could devalue your brand.

This photo is one that I shot with a model named John Strand.  John and I met many years back when I was photographing a runway show.  We did another shoot together for a men’s fashion designer.  After that we worked together on a number of collaborations with tremendous success.  Every shoot we did together ended up published in major magazines.

I couldn’t recommend a model more.  He is 100% professional at all times and he also brings an impeccable sense of style to the shoots as well.  Having someone modeling for you that also knows fashion inside and out is a definite plus.  I couldn’t recommend John more highly.  If you are interested in booking him for a photoshoot, contact me and I’ll put you in touch with him.

Click this link to license the fashion photo in this post.  Or check out our people stock photos category.  Check back often.  We’re adding new images to it as fast as we can.



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