Stock Photos That Tell a Story: The Struggle to Remain In Business

Stock photos

Like so many of our stock photos, this image tells a story. This photo of a small business owner struggling to remain open after months of being shut down due to coronavirus quarantine shows the backbone of American small business owners.  Just days after being allowed to reopen with extensive and expensive social distancing protocals in place, the Fairfax District where it is located was hit by BLM protests.  This section of the street was the epicenter of where the demonstration turned violent.  Police cars were burned and every store and shop in the area was vandalized and looted. This shop is the only one on the street that isn’t still boarded up.

Small business owners in America should all get all get medals for their courage and determination.  What those that have been able to reopen have endured is a testimony to the spirit of the American small business owner.

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