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Using Video To Stay In Touch During Quarantine

Using Video To Stay In Touch During Quarantine


Professional video has long been one of the most effective ways you can market your business or build your brand. But during the long, long Coronavirus lockdown and social distancing, it has for some become the only way of staying in touch.

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Santa Monica artist, Gwen Samuels, who we have done several successful videos for in the past reached out to us to do a video to help her stay in touch with her clients during this time when the galleries were all closed.

Gwen’s work helped her weather the uncertainty of 2020 and her backyard became her personal sanctuary.  We thought it appropriate to film most of the video in her yard (the artwork was filmed in her studio) and Gwen openly discusses how the has affected her art and invites others to share their experiences. 

Please contact us for information on how we can help you stay in touch during this era of being socially distant!

See some of the other work we have done for Gwen here.


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