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Portrait of #LEXIT Founder Jesse Holguin, With Video Interview

Portrait of #LEXIT Founder Jesse Holguin, With Video Interview

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I recently had the honor of working with Jesse Holguin the founder of the #LEXIT movement.

In addition to the portrait of Jesse we took above, we also filmed an in-depth interview, telling the story of how Jesse Holguin went from the jailhouse to the White House.  It’s a powerful story of how Jesse went from leading a street gang and spending years in jail, to finding god and going to start the #LEXIT movement.

#LEXIT is Latinos exiting the Democratic Party.  As Jesse explains, growing up Latino he was taught that the Democratic Party was the only party that cared about minorities.  Once he left the gangs and began working with people in his community, he realized that the Democratic Party’s beliefs and preachings went against everything Latinos believed in.  Overall, Latinos have a strong belief in God, but the left has been working to remove God from our lives.  They have a very strong sense of family values, but the left is working to tear apart the traditional family.  They are honest, hard working people, but the left is preaching to them that they are victims of a society that holds them back and must rely on the government to support them.

These are a few of the examples Jesse mentions.  Listen to Jesse’s story in the video below of how he turned his life from one of crime to one of seeking truth and working to help others.  

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