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Meet Dreamer, The Native American Giving Free Haircuts to Homeless Vets

Meet Dreamer, The Native American Giving Free Haircuts to Homeless Vets

The homeless crisis in Los Angeles has caught the attention of the world and I have been documenting the situation for a few years now.

Recently I was out at the Veterans Administration in Los Angeles filming “Veteran’s Row,” the line of homeless tents running down San Vicente Boulevard on the perimeter of the grounds.  I happened on an old trailer painted with an American Flag and named the Freedom Barber Shop.  The grounds around it were surrounded with an old shoe shine stand and other relics from a bygone day.  

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It caught my attention and I parked to get a closer look.  As I was doing so an old Native American man stepped out and invited me in.  As we talked I realized he had a fascinating perspective to share on the homeless situation, the pandemic and on life in general and asked if I could interview him.

I wasn’t at all prepared to do an interview.  I basically only had my video camera.  There were also a number of distractions, including friends dropping in and a man that stopped in for a haircut.  It made the flow of the interview a bit odd, but I wanted to share the insight this man has on the world.

I think you’ll enjoy it!

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