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Black and White Fashion Photography

Black and White Fashion Photography

men's fashion photographer

I love the classic feel in black and white photography, though I have often felt it creates a problem when shooting fashion photography. 

You want to see the color of the clothes.  In catalogue work, I’d say black and white is a definite no no.  But for the ad campaigns black and white photography can be the tool to help convey the mood and the essence of the brand.

Black and white doesn’t work well for all photos.  I’ve found that it seems to work best when the background is simple.  I’m posting this photo in both black and white and the color version of it so you can compare.  I’m partial to the black and white.  Let me know in the comments which one you prefer.

Also, I don’t use the traditional methods to change my images to black and white.  I’ve developed a technique for the conversion over time that is “my own” that I just feel has a more distinctive look.  

Please contact me if you have questions on how I can help you build your brand.  

LA men's fashion photographer

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