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Developing an Eye as a Photographer

Developing an Eye as a Photographer


Truck in loading dock

With a portfolio that is built around fashion, portraits and lifestyle, this photo doesn’t really fit.

But I love the photo and it illustrates a point I want to make.  This wasn’t a shot I planned to take.  I was out for a walk near my studio at night and saw the scene.  The reflections from the headlights of the truck at night with the lit loading dock behind it came together so well.  I walked back to my studio and got my camera and tripod and went back to the loading dock to get the shot. 

The point here is that the most valuable of a photographer’s skills is the ability to see the photos in the world around us.  All the technical know how can’t replace that.  Even on the most carefully planned and storyboarded photoshoots, seeing what is around you with a photographer’s eye is important. 

So often while I’m on a shoot, we have what we planned but if we keep aware of our surroundings we often find that the best shot of the photoshoot is the one we didn’t plan.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t meticulously plan out your photoshoot.  If you don’t the shoot will be a disaster.  It means be flexible.  Don’t forget to look for the piece of magic the location might hand you and take advantage of it.

Please contact me to discuss any of your photography needs.  Also let me know if you would like to purchase a print of the image above.

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