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Video of the New Second Street Tunnel Lighting System

Video of the New Second Street Tunnel Lighting System

I was recently contacted by Forman and Associates, an architectural and entertainment lighting company.

Over the last three years they have been working to install a new LED lighting system in the Second Street Tunnel and they asked me to film the lights when they were fired up to teach city employees how to run the system and to show Film LA what the new lighting system is capable of. 

This was one of only two times when the lights have been turned on.  It was fun to be one of the first to see them.

The Second Street Tunnel has long been a popular filming location for car commercials, movies and music videos.  It has also been used in several high profile events and fashion shows.  The City of Los Angeles believes the new lighting will increase demand for filming in the tunnel and as a result increase revenue.

It’s expected there will be an official ribbon cutting ceremony in a month or so.

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