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Social Media Video Production for Restaurants

Social Media Video Production for Restaurants

While our food photography is not shown on this website, we have decades of experience with food photography and videography.

One of the most effective tools in a restaurants marketing arsenal are professionally produced trendy social media marketing videos.   In a short 15 – 60 second video we can communicate the full experience of your restaurant and food both.  We can show the fun, richness, elegance or uniqueness of your restaurant.  If your location is part of the appeal, such as a waterfront location or location near a trendy tourist destination, we can include the locale in video as well. 

In some instances we can plan the shoot where we can get you several short social media videos out of the same shoot.  This allows you to have fresh content to upload to your social media channels each week at an affordable cost.  One example of this would be taking some of your signature dishes and showing how each is prepared.  

The videos can be used in a paid ad campaign, as YouTube ads or simply pushed out on all of your social media channels.  This would also include your own website and blog.  If you need help with social media marketing after the videos have been produced, we can assist you with that as well. 

Contact us for more info on how we can help you get more clients.

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