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What I See Around Me

What I See Around Me

Often when I go out for a walk or running errands, I bring my camera with me. Not my phone mind you, my real camera. It seems that any time I don’t I see something where I wish I had it with me.

This post breaks from my usual where they are sort of “all business” but I thought it would be fun to share what I observe in the world around me from time to time.

The homeless blind woman at the bus stop moved me. I see her often, but didn’t have my camera with me until the other night when I took the picture. I feel it speaks volumes, about the situation, and the neglect of the situation.

The homeless situation in Los Angeles has become more than a huge problem. In the four years I’ve lived in my current neighborhood I’ve watched it change from no tents on the streets to tents almost anywhere you look. Particularly during 2020 when it about doubled, if not more.

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time documenting the homeless situation in LA and speaking with those that work with them. There is a lot I could say about what is underneath the problem… but not at this time.

For now what I want to say is clearly as a society we are going the wrong direction. The skyrocketing number of tents appearing across the US are a testimony to that.

We need to begin to honestly face the situation, it’s systemic causes, and work to get ourselves back on track.

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