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Cinematic Actor Headshots

Cinematic Actor Headshots

I don’t have a “headshot” category on this website because too often the term gets confused with business headshots. They tend to be rather generic. That is really the last thing an actor, actress, or trendy rising star in the business world wants.

Instead I’ve called the work I do portraits or environmental portraits. I do shoot the more basic business headshots, but I have my business headshot photography on another website.

One of the advices given to actors and actresses when getting headshots is to bring out their personality. But it might be better to say you should bring out the personality that fits the type of roles you want to be cast in.

A term that is starting to surface is “cinematic headshots.” This can refer to the lighting and color grading of your headshots… that is the lighting and color grading look like what you would see in a movie. More importantly, you headshot can show you in the element you would like to be cast in… displaying the attitude and personality that would be called for in the roles you want to be cast in.

Here is some work I did with a recent client. He wanted an edgier look, so we shot much of the shoot on the fire escape of an old warehouse in downtown Los Angeles. We even made some of them in black and white.

I love how they came out. Be sure to contact me to discuss how we can create an environmental headshot for you that lands you your dream part!

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