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Fine Art Photography – Blood Red Sea

Fine Art Photography – Blood Red Sea

Fine art photography is a mix of artistic talent, technical know how and luck.

These fine art seascapes didn’t just happen. They were the result of many trips out to the beach working with the same model to get the perfect shot. We had reached a point where we were completely in tune with each other. This was a good thing for a number of reasons. Though I was well out into the ocean, I couldn’t go in as deep as the model and be able to keep the camera safe. I was shooting with a telephoto lens. We couldn’t hear each other over the roar of the ocean, but were n tune with each other so well that each instinctively knew what to do to make the shot come out.

I actually wasn’t expecting to get such amazing shots on that day. It was overcast, hazy. The light seemed boring. But I knew how much things could change as late afternoon/sunset approached. We stayed and it paid off. The sea became angry, the light a deep orange. Add to it a little magic in post production and you have these breathtaking photos.

This work is available or purchase as fine art photography prints, or digital files. Contact me for information. Also contact me if you want to schedule a photoshoot to get comparable work for yourself or your brand.

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